2020 SEASON CANCELLATION. We are very sad to advise…


We are very sad to advise that the inevitable has happened and our 2020 season has now been cancelled – as per the information below ⬇️
We appreciate this was not an easy decision for the EFNL and is disappointing news for our players.
We would like to express our extreme gratitude to all the adult volunteers, the coaches, team officials and committee who work so hard to make our Club such a great place for our players and families.

We would also like to say to our players, hang in there, keep fit, stay safe and we will come back stronger and better still in 2021. Well done and thank you for your patience this season Bayswater Junior footballers.

We have many unique player stories from across the club this season, which we’d love to share with our community in the coming weeks.

A Club email will be sent with further information on season fees, etc. Please allow the committee a few days to discuss options that are in the best interests of our Club and families.

Once again we offer support to any family who needs it during this challenging time. Go Baysie! 💚💛


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