Life Members

Life Membership recognizes people who have contributed significantly to the Bayswater Junior Football Club in an official capacity, over an extended period of time in a range of roles.

This award is given not for just years of membership, but for loyal and dedicated service in striving to improve this Club and junior football in general.

Updated to include our latest 2021 inductees Wendy Gielen, Danny Phillips and Kim Phillips.

Life Members
G. AndrewsG. McLeod
J. BondS. Milinkovic
K. Bond G. Milne
L. Brown C. Mooney
L. Burke T. Morton
L. Calvert C. Ockwell
K. Cameron D. Ockwell
S. Cameron R. Papst
B. Dawber G. Peters
C. Derham D. Phillips
J. Dunn K. Phillips
W. Elvin K. Pollard
G, Galvin R. Porter
T. Galvin J. Power
D. Gibbs P. Rapisarda
W. Gielen R. Rapisarda
D. Gipp A. Robertson
L. Greenwood H. Rooney
D. Hadj M. Rooney
M. Hall P. Sankey
J. Hayhurst S. Sankey
L. Jackson J. Simcocks
P. Jones R. Smith
M. Leacy B. Tassell
G. Lee M. Walker
K. Lewis R. Webber
B. Lynch K. White
J. Mactier R. Williams
S. Maggs B. Young
T. MarraffaL. Young
N. Maxwell