Club Person of the Year

The Club Persons of the Year listed in the table below were recognised for the outstanding contributions they have made for the benefit of our club over the years and we are very thankful for their endeavours 👏👏👏

The efforts of these people and all volunteers at our club ensure the future is looking bright at the Bayswater JFC ☀️

Congratulations & thank you to all! 💚

YearClub Person of the Year
2023Sally Delbridge
Christina Rimmer
Tania Drew
2022Andrew Robertson
Colin Page
Nicky Maxwell
2021Mark Hindson
2019Gael Peters
Lance Peters
Leanne Marsden
2018Chantel Amey
2017Matt Walker
Danny Phillips
Kim Phillips
2016Charles Derham
2015Mick Walker
2014Sharyn Maggs
2013Beccy Dawber
2012Helen Rooney
Brad Tussell
2011Shane Cameron
2010Rob Rapisarda
2009Glenn White
2008Pauline Rapisarda
2007Kerri White
2006Dale Rowe
2005Dale Rowe
2004I. Atkinson
2003D. Atkinson
2002L Bourke
2001K. McLachlan
2000A. Blondel