ROUND 1 Games…

ROUND 1 | Sunday, April 11th, 2021
Welcome back to junior footy! Wishing all teams a great game today! šŸ¤—ā˜”šŸ‰šŸŸ
šŸŸ¢ U8 Mixed Vs FTG @ Lewis Park – 11am
šŸŸ” U9 Mixed Vs Rowville @ Home – 9am
šŸŸ¢ U10 Mixed Vs Mitcham @ Home – 9am
šŸŸ” U11 Mixed Vs Chirnside Park @ Home – 10.05am
šŸŸ¢ U12 Girls Vs Chirnside Park @ Kimberley Reserve 10.05am
šŸŸ” U12 Boys Vs UFTG @ Dobson Park – 11.25am
šŸŸ¢ U14 Girls Vs South Croydon @ Pinks Reserve – 11.25am
šŸŸ” U14 Boys Vs Boronia @ Tormore – 12.55pm
šŸŸ¢ U16 Girls Vs Blackburn @ Home – 12.55pm
šŸŸ” U17 Boys Gold Vs Chirnside Park @ Kimberley Reserve – 2.45pm
šŸŸ¢ U17 Boys Green Vs Coldstream @ Home – 2.45pm
šŸŸ” U18 Girls Vs Montrose @ Bayswater Senior Ground – 2.45pm
Go Baysie! šŸ’ššŸ’›



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