EFNL Season Update 27/5/21…

Due to the restrictions announced by the Victorian State Government this morning, all scheduled Eastern Football Netball League fixtures will not take place this weekend.

These matches will be removed from their respective season fixtures and will not be postponed, as per the EFNL Covid-19 By-Laws Addendum.

7.5 Non-Completion of Matches – COVID 19

“If any match or matches or entire round or rounds is cancelled due to COVID 19, the game shall be removed from the fixture and no points will be allocated to either team. Match ratio will be applied to the ladder for that division and grade for the remainder of the season. The Board may at its discretion add or remove home and away matches based on the prevailing Public Health requirements at the time.”

Whilst lockdown does not come into effect until midnight tonight, the League recommends club consider cancelling any training sessions scheduled for this evening.

Further updates will be provided as they come to hand.

The Eastern Football Netball League office will be shut at 2:30pm today.

Source 👉 https://bit.ly/3ujII36

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