AGM 2021…

📢 Thank you to all who attended our online Annual General Meeting last Monday night.

🙌 A special thank you to Jackson Taylor MP and Suranga Dissakarunaratne from the Knox City Council for attending to show their support to our Club.
🙌 Thank you to Jayson Gordon from the Bayswater Football Club for representing the support from the senior club.
🙌 Many thanks to the existing Committee and new members for joining in the evening. We are always grateful for the show of support from our Club parents and members.

2021 was a difficult year for Club volunteers and our thanks goes out to all who gave their time for our players 👏

A full report on the season will be distributed at our 2021 Presentation Day, hopefully in person at the ground in late November 🤞🏆

The 2022 season will see a new team guide the Club, with more volunteers being sought for the remaining positions in the months ahead.

Congratulations and thank you to the elected incoming 2022 Committee:
🟢 President: Beccy Dawber
🟡 Vice President – Football Operations: Mark Hindson
🟢 Vice President – Game Day Operations: Gael Peters
🟡 Secretary: Wendy Gielen
🟢 Treasurer: Nicky Maxwell
🟡 Registrar: Andrew Robertson
🟢 Committee: Mick Walker, Colin Page, Mandy Maggs, Tim Cincotta & Peter Maloney
Positions still requiring appointments will be advertised in the coming weeks. New Committee members are welcomed to join the team throughout the season 🤗
Again, well done to all involved and we look forward to sharing presentation event dates as they come to light 💚💛


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